Perceived Readiness of the University of the Immaculate COnception Stakeholders Towards K to 12 Implementation

Julie Pearl Bilbao, Myra Noreen Galela, Eduardo Geponia, Pshyche Joy Macapobre, Ma. Juliet Vasay


The K-12 in the Philippines involved much the stakeholders from different schools in identifying the challenges of the implementation. This study aimed to determine the perceived readiness of the University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC) stakeholders (parents and students) towards K-12 implementation. It further assessed the significant difference in the level of readiness of the respondents in terms of curriculum. This quantitative research used descriptivecomparative method. The researchers developed questionnaire based on K-12 R.A #10533, which was validated. Results showed that the perceived readiness of the 149 student-respondents and 49 parentrespondents on the implementation of the K-12 was high. Furthermore, results showed a significant difference between the perception of the parents and the students towards the readiness of UIC in terms of curriculum (teachers, facilities, students and parents).

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