Exploring the Practices of Catering X in Davao City: A Case Study

Nelca Stephany Umblero, Franklin Kim Amoguis, Romeo Dominic Bas, Kenji Ybanez, Chloe Mae Quiambao, Donna Grace Insik, Dale Bautista


A catering services is one of the most dynamic business groups in the food and beverage industry. In Davao City, a lot of catering business has been established for the past decade. These businesses generally cater Fusion Cooking. This case-study entails an in-depth analysis on the catering business processes and practices to use empirical evidence from real people in real organizations to make original contributions to knowledge, and to determine how they provide services to their customers, and their hygienic practices. It is also qualitative in nature where the subject, termed as Entity X, is a catering business which can already cater to up to five hundred guests per service, known throughout the city, and already lasted in the industry for more than 10 years. Assessments such as interviews with recorded audio; observations which would include actual participation by the proponents through availing the establishment’s buffet services; ocular inspections with checklist; and SWOT analysis were utilized in order to collect all necessary information about their catering business practices and processes. Results revealed that Entity X has continuously been successful as they ensure that their customers are their top priority.

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