The Level of Satisfaction of the Students of the University of the Immaculate Conception on School Canteen

Emma Sagarino Sagarino, Nathalie Rose Birondo, Kimberly Jane Omega, Ivy Katherine Pansri, Jennifer Polinar, Ivy Rose Quijano, Kara Marilois Yap


The University of the Immaculate Conception canteen at Fr. Selga campus plays a very important role in providing food to the employees and students. One of the functions of the canteen is to provide a kind of service that will satisfy its clientele, hence this investigation was conducted to assess whether the targeted customers of the canteen are satisfied of its services. The survey, which utilizes researchers-made validated and reliability-tested questionnaires, covered 150 purposively chosen respondents who were equally distributed among the five academic programs in the campus. T-test and Analysis of variance were used to meaningfully analyze the data. Results show that although generally the respondents are satisfied with the school canteen in terms of marketing mix particularly product, price, people and place there are still areas that need improvement. These concerns include limitedness of variety of food and serving of viand which are too salty, limited number of tables and chairs, insufficient floor area and lack of ventilation, relatively unaffordable prices, and lack of attentiveness and friendliness of the staff.

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