The Impressions of Foreigners about Davao City: A Multiple Case Study

Emma Sagarino, Buona Marie Lyne Dura, Heather Janemar Labana, Joesyl Mari Togonon, Senen Anthony Virocel, Patrick Louis Yee


The purpose of the study was to document and understand the perceptions of foreign tourists about Davao City as a tourist destination. In order to gather data, we used in-depth interview to elicit the necessary data from the two study participants. Guide questionnaires were used during the interview. Results of the study revealed that the city itself and the community are the most important factors, which attract more tourists to come. Participants also agreed that Davao City is not only a tourist place, but it is also a nice place to live because of good peace and order and weather conditions. Moreover, the best features of Davao City which they have identified included the following, namely, evident leadership, presence of malls, gateway to other destinations, improving tourist destinations, no smoking policy and the kind and friendly people that reside in the city. However, despite of these good features, they believe that there are still areas, which the city should improve such as the means of transportation to help lessen the traffic to which one of the foreigners suggested that the city should have a trail transit. Obsolete technology must also be upgraded to be at par with other countries.

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