A Social Phonebook Contact Number Search Engine Android Application

Barry Blando, Ronneille Borbon, Shamina Allysa Lindo, Emmanuel John Ramos, Gladys Suazo, Francis Rey Padao


It is a fact that having a mobile phone has become a necessity for people. It offers important functionalities, from the very basic thing of making a call to texting. With the availability of Internet among mobile phones, it has made these mobile devices become more in demand. In this study, the researchers focused on finding a better way of collecting contact numbers easier through the use of modern technology. The researchers developed a smart contact finder Android application that serves as a search engine for finding contact numbers. With the application, the user must create his own account and provide his contact number, username, password and full name. In order to use the search engine, the user must synchronize his contacts to the application. The user can set his account setting into private or public. The application has the ability to recommend contacts to users. By generating manually computed output and comparing it to the actual output of the application, the researchers have proven that the application is in fact generating the expected output. The test results also proved that the application’s accuracy and efficiency as desired contacts remain to be found on top of results list over and over again, regardless of the increase of total number of results.


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