Android Mobile Application for Disease Tracking Information

Rhoda Beltran, Zenia Elyn Grace Gedalanga, Mark Anthony Sanchez, Leonel Zedric Ramirez, Ian Carlo Jerson Yap, Nikko Paolo Gumia


Davao City, located at the Southern part of the Island Mindanao, is one of the largest cities in the Philippines. A lot of health programs and medical missions are conducted every month to promote good health and provide knowledge regarding updates of health threats such as newly discovered diseases. However, some distant areas are not easily reached by these programs. With this, the researchers came up with a study that looks into incorporating modern technology with healthcare services. Modern technologies such as those of geographical positioning systems, geo-information systems, and heat-mapping have collaborated with the medical fields to create health systems that survey and monitor the health status of the world or of a certain place and to try to locate a pattern regarding a trending disease, to come up preventive measures to avoid disease outbreaks, to present statistical surveys regarding the monitoring of the health status, and to give reports based on data collected by surveys. Tools were developed by professional systems and web developers to handle these tasks automatically, accurately, and deliver clean and polished results. Health Map, one of the many information systems developed by IT professionals with the collaboration of the World Health Organization (WHO) has provided up-to-date spatial data that are concerned with public health system, the public are now resourceful because of these new inventions that are free, handy, and accessible anytime, anywhere if internet connectivity is present.

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