A 3D Web Based Interactive Virtual 1 Tour of the University of the Immaculate Conception (Fr. Selga Campus)

Jomar Enrico Amador, Luigi Vernon Cawaling, Robert Michael Cusap, Redentor Sandino Genotiva, Daniel Ryan Quiño


A school website is a very important tool in advertising a specific school. A good website has a great layout, good navigation, professional appearance, and good content. However, it lacks one important aspect that is supposed to draw traffic, interactivity. In this regard, the researcher was motivated to implement a 3D Interactive Virtual Tour to address the issue. The goal is to upgrade the traditional website that is currently running in the school. In order to achieve the desired objective, the researchers used the constructive research approach for the study and iterative process model for the software development. The researchers used a survey in validating the effectives of the study. The researchers conducted a test on 4th year students from Davao City National High School, UIC Bonifacio Campus and few selected parents from EMCOR. The results of the respondent’s feedback showed that they found that the application has excellent functionality. The results also show the impact of the application and acquired a very good rating from the respondents. The results of the testing implies that by using this system, on the UIC website, will help in providing more information regarding their facilities and amenities they have and that they offer to incoming college students or parents who are looking for an institution for their children.

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