Final Destination: A PUV Offline Navigation System Educating Davaoenos Local and International Tourists About The Different Structural Landmarks in Davao City

Nashra Bato-on, Leo Jestwin Lavarias, Genesis Ortiz, Raffy Tatel, Exander Barrios


Every person living in this world needs to have some time for himself. With due considerations to the kind of personalities that they possess, most of the people spend their time travelling. People often visit places they have never been to. Philippines is one of the countries in Asia that has been known for its marvellous tourist spots. This gave the researchers an idea and opportunity to study the viability of developing an Android application that will educate Davaoeños, Local and International Tourists about the Davao City’s famous structural landmarks. In the conduct of the study, the researchers to identify the functionalities needed to be placed in the application. During the development, the researchers used existing technologies both for the web and Android application. Towards the end of the study, a testing was conducted. In the process, some problems on both applications were encountered. Eventually, the researchers devised and carried out solutions to solve the said problems. Some of them are carried out as recommendations to help enhance the system.

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