Knowitherbal: An Android-Based Herbal Leaf Identifier

Fatima Ledesma, Princess Lei Madriaga, Kevin Omiple, Exander Barrios


With the high demand for medicine all over the world, the availability of herbal medicine becomes equally important. In places where people are incapable of acquiring commercially released medicines, medicinal plants are often considered the better alternative. With this, the researchers were motivated to conduct a study which aims to develop an Android-based application that helps the user recognize an herbal plant which is found only in the Philippines. This will be made possible by capturing an image of the plant’s leaf using the application’s camera and then analyze it through image processing. The application provides the user with the herbal plant’s name, scientific name and common name, other vernacular names, properties, usage and availability. The researchers used the ORB (Oriented FAST and Rotating BRIEF) Algorithm for the processing of the image.

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