Perspectives of Vendors in Davao City about the Implementation of Ordinance 0361 Banning of Non-Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Novem Claire T. Langusta, Kimberly M. Gomez, Emma V. Sagarino


The Davao City ordinance banning non-biodegradable containers has
been implemented starting June 28, 2012. Ideally, this ordinance has noble
purposes; however, its merits will only be realized if its corresponding provisions
are conscientiously implemented. This study was conducted to explore the issues
encountered by the vendors who are using non-biodegradable plastic bags in
Davao City. This study is qualitative in nature. Eight purposively chosen vendors
from Piapi, Agdao, and Bankerohan Public Markets were interviewed using
structured questions. Findings disclosed that most of the interviewed vendors in
Piapi and Bankerohan Public Market in Davao City were in favor of the ordinance
as they believed that it could help lessen the problem on solid waste in Davao
City. Others were not in favor with this ordinance because of the low quality and
the relatively higher costs of biodegradable plastic bags which adversely affected
their profit. In relation to urban flooding some said that it could be attributed to
the lack of discipline and concern towards the environment of the residents and
not because of the type of plastic bags we are using.

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