Consumers’ Awareness and Acceptability of 90 Products Guaranteeing Instant Results: Downy Isang Banlaw (One Rinse) and Knorr Rice Mate

Jonna Mae T. Cortel, Phoebe Jane F. Disto, Jerson D. Ta-a,, Emma V. Sagarino, Renan P. Limjuco


There is an evolution of products guaranteeing instant results but the
awareness and acceptability of potential buyers regarding these items need to be established. This study was conducted to determine the awareness and
acceptability levels of Downy Isang Banlaw (One Rinse) and Knorr Rice Mate
among the housewives, laundry women, and cook-housekeepers in Davao City. Specifically, it aimed to establish the socio-demographic profile of the respondents in terms of age, civil status, monthly income and occupation, determine the levels of awareness and acceptability of Downy Isang Banlaw (One Rinse) and Knorr Rice Mate among the target respondents in Davao City. This study also identified the factors that facilitate the awareness and acceptability of Downy Isang Banlaw (rinse) and Knorr Rice Mate among the customer respondents. The study utilized the descriptive research design to describe respondents’ levels of awareness and acceptability of two “instant” products, specifically Isang Banlaw (One Rinse) and Knorr Rice Mate as regards their marketability. A survey was conducted among 100 purposively selected housewives or laundry women or cook-housekeepers. Findings revealed that there is a moderate level of awareness and acceptability among respondents regarding Downy Isang Banlaw (One Rinse) and Knorr Rice Mate. Further, based on the data gathered, most of the respondents were influenced by advertisements and recommendation by friends in establishing awareness and acceptability. Keywords: Marketing research, awareness, acceptability, “instant” products, Downy Isang Banlaw (One Rinse), Knorr Rice Mate, survey, Philippines

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