Cell phone Networks Subscriber: Uncovering the Stories of the Businesspeople

Bartolome F. Caputan, Jr., Iza Mae M. Gomia, Rogelyn L. Panuncialman, Baby Jane R. Rubio, Cristopher N. Sartagoda, Emma V. Sagarino


Cellphones brought various benefits to users including business people
because they facilitate communication conveniently. However, these gadgets’ communication functions rely on cellphone networks. There are seven networks operating in the Philippines– Smart, Talk and Text, Sun, Red, Globe, and Touch Mobile which a user may subsribe to. This investigation was conducted to document the stories of business people particularly their cellphone networkrelated experiences. The researchers used the descriptive research design employing both the quantitative and qualitative methods. They used a two-part researchersdeveloped survey questionnaire to elicit information from 15 purposively chosen businessmen whose business offices are located in downtown areas of Davao City. The responses in Likert Scales were converted into mean while the experiences were categorized into positive or negative. The overall results illustrated that the respondents were amenable on the benefits of a cell phone coupled with reliable network particularly in facilitating business transactions and securing clients. The respondents’ positive experiences were associated with promotions like unlimited texts and calls, which are widely disseminated. On other hand, negative experiences included poor signal in some provinces, delayed receipt of
messages, charging of unsolicited text messages, and deactivation of sim card without prior notice and inaccessibility of loading stations.

Keywords: Marketing research, cellphone networs, cellphone subscribers, stories of business people, Davao City, Philippines

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