Isolation and Identification of Nosocomial Infection – Causing Bacteria in Delivery Room Settings: Impact to Quality of Care to Mothers and Newborns

Charity Leene San Juan-Gaspar, Alyanna Ariene Marie Asperga, Mary Joy Ramos, Jother Mosquera, Mary Antoinette Pagatpatan, Stephanie Odin, Zandra Mae Talinting, Tatalien Wahab


The objective of the study was to identify bacteria that cause nosocomial infection and other diseases in delivery rooms which may put the mother and the newborn at risk to infections. The identification of pathogenic bacteria was conducted in a hospital in Davao City. Six samples from a Kellypad were collected from three different duty shifts, and microbiological culture, microscopic examination, and biochemical tests were conducted. Results showed the presence of Pseudomonas species, Serratia Marcescens and Enterobacter Cloacae. The results of the study indicated that the delivery instruments used in sample collections were contaminated with pathogenic bacteria. Thus, the researchers recommend proper disinfections of the equipment used in the delivery room setting in order to regulate the spread of infection in the area.

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