Rainwater Treatment System

Christine Joy L. Conception, Danica Wyn L. Estomata, Janice G. Raganas, Harly Me E. Segovia, Rudevalio Odruña


Water resource is one of the major components of environment. It is under threat either from over exploitation or pollution, exacerbated by human activities on the earth’s surface. Generally, water resource problems are of three main types: too little water, too much water and polluted water. Due to the great demand from urban places, there will be shortage of water, if ignored. This study was concentrated on one of the sources of water which is the rainwater. Experimental method was used in this study to analyze and compare the potability of Davao City Water District (DCWD) water, rainwater and treated rainwater. The results were analyzed using arithmetic mean and t-test. Based on the findings, the rainwater was not able to become potable using both treatments because of the high count of the total coliform. There is no significant difference between DCWD sample and sample from both treatments in some of the parameters, but not in all qualifications to make rainwater potable.

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